Cloudberry´s bags are manufactured near Milan, Italy by a small team of skilled artisans with decades of experience in working with several of the world´s top luxury bag brands. With great skill and precision, our master artisan works side by side with us in the product development stages and comes with suggestions and solutions to make our designs turn into the premium bags that we want to create. The production team uses both modern technologies and manual parts in the production process.

A Cloudberry product is characterized by a combination of craftsmanship excellence together with outstanding, sustainable materials and a timeless design, which create products that will last a long time, and hopefully, be passed on from generation to generation.

A sustainable working environment is also important, and our bag producing team makes sure not to use any toxic glues or any other harmful substances in the production process. Another important aspect that increases the well-being within the team is having fun, being served coffee every day, and as a bonus, being able to make any bag one desires.


We don´t design for seasons, we create bags to last a lifetime. That´s why we offer a basic range to which we are slowly adding new models. To avoid overproduction, we only produce small batches. That´s why we sometimes run out of stock, but we think it´s worth it to be able to work as sustainably as possible. In the meantime, we encourage our customers to sign up on our waiting list for the next batch to be produced. When a product runs out of stock, the wait is approximately 4 weeks.


All our products are numbered. The unique number is printed on the Cloudberry label that is attached to the inside lining. Each product is also linked to a serial number, that is embossed on a tag on the inside, that matches the authenticity card that comes with the product. To activate the product warranty, we urge you as a customer to register your product´s unique number and serial number online, by creating an account or log in to your existing Cloudberry account.

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